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That brand is not a Rocking D!

If you are familiar with brands and branding, you may have noticed that the brand in the site logo is a 'D Quarter-circle Quarter-circle' and not a 'Rocking D'.

The brand is that of my grandfather, George Dunmire. He was a cowboy in Wyoming, one of the many things he did in his life. He had a small ranch in northern Wyoming where he was also the foreman on the Montgomery Ranch. The brand dates from that time (circa 1940).

I grew up hearing that this was the Rocking D brand, but I've since learned that to be a Rocking D, there should be only one quarter circle under the D. My Dad said that Grandpa first tried to register the Flying D and when it wasn't available the Rocking D was his second choice. Well that wasn't available either so he ended up with the D quarter-circle quarter-circle.

Though the brand is no longer registered, the original irons remain in the family. In memory of the original cowboy in the family, and as symbol of family unity, George Dunmire's descendants make extensive, though informal, use of the brand.