PCB Design - BARC

On August 9, 2012 I gave a talk at the Bay Area Radio Builders Club on using CadSoft Eagle for PCB design. This was a combination lecture, demonstration, and Q&A session. The group's WWV RX receiver project was used as the example and I tried to demonstrate all the steps needed to go from concept to PCB using the Light (free) version of Eagle.

Bob Mix provided that starting schematic and bill of materials. Bob credits Steve Weber, KD1JV, with the original circuit.

Slides, with my notes, are attached as a PDF file. I tried to cover too much material and I had to skip the section on creating library parts.

Also attached are the completed Eagle PCB files and Gerber files for the WWV RX. While I have not placed the order at BatchPCB, the cost estimate after uploading the Gerber files was $8.60. The board outline is the 60mm X 37mm, credit card, form from Dangerous Prototypes.

One bit of confusion is that in some places I used WWW (a typo) when I meant to use WWV. You will see this in file names, drawing labels, and probably other places that I have not yet noticed. I am sorry about that.

While I think the board will function as designed, there are a few things that I would change before ordering a board:

    • Change the footprint of the transformer by replacing the holes for the shield tabs to be plated through holes with pads (pins) so that the shield could be easily grounded.

    • Clean up the auto routed traces as pointed out during my talk. Manually moving some traces would shorten some of the trace lengths and make a nicer looking board.

    • Add labeling, including version numbers, to the bottom of the board.

I hope anyone reading this, and the BARC members that attended the meeting, will consider trying their own board design. I don't expect that my notes and descriptions will all that you need, so here are some links to tutorials and services that should fill in the gaps.

Tutorials and Documentation

PCB Fab Services

If you make this board, a modification of this board, or simply use it for inspiration, I would enjoy hearing about it. You can reach me by email at ARRL.net using my call sign, KA6HLD, or look for me (Jerry Dunmire) on Google+.