New Sections

Post date: Oct 29, 2011 7:14:15 PM

There are two new sections here at the Labs: Tools and Files.

The Tools section provides some information about the design programs used at RockingD Labs along with some notes about how they are used. The first tool covered is QCAD for 2D scaled drawings.

The first entries in the Files section are 2D scaled drawings (DXF) for the Arduino Uno. Two versions are available; one in inches and the other in millimeters.The measurements are a combination of the values from the drawing at the Adafruit Blog and caliper measurements from an actual board. The drawing scaled in inches (arduino.dxf) was created first and then the metric drawing (arduino_metric.dxf) was created using the simple procedure documented in the QCAD Notes section of RockingD Labs.